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The group is a significant supplier of industrial fans with great innovation ability and 40 years of experience. With modern production facilities and advanced technology we can satisfy our customers’ needs, no matter if it is standard or customized solutions.





Diffusers : Ventur diffusers RTBM, RRBM, LTVM and LRVM are used for air supply. They can be used even when warm or cold air is supplied and differs from the temperature of the supplied room. Diffusers are available for installation in suspended ceilings with 600mm panels. Ventur diffusers make it possible to achieve a significant level of air exchange, and are used for horizontal air supply and are also excellent for rooms with low ceiling. The ability to set the desired air flow during and after installation gives great freedom of action when the system shall be adjusted. Our rectangular diffusers for exhaust air PTVM and PRVM has an appearance that is identical to the air supply diffusers and are also designed for installation in suspended ceilings with 600mm panels. Ventur slot diffuser STOM is used for supply air and can be used to deliver cold or warm air in the system where the difference of temperature between room and supplied air is great. STOM diffuser has been designed as a module for installation in suspended ceilings, and can be installed in almost all the suspended ceiling system with T-profile or in frames with size 1200, 1500 or 1800mm. The slots can be arranged in three ways - left, right or closed - independently of each other. : Diffusers
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